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10 Common Rental Property Maintenance Issues

Common Maintenance IssuesWe invite rental property investors in Denver, Colorado needing help managing common rental property maintenance issues, to talk with our experts at Cobalt Creek Property Management. Let us help you make property maintenance management a breeze. Stress less and keep tenants longer when you hire our team of property satisfaction professionals.

Tenant Maintenance Requests

Tenant maintenance requests are one of the banes of a landlord’s existence; repeated calls in the middle of the night get old fast. Maintenance is an aspect of property management that landlords can’t afford to skimp on.

Many landlord-tenant conflicts begin because maintenance requests weren’t addressed promptly or there was disagreement over who was responsible for the cost.

Common Rental Property Maintenance Issues

Rental property damage ranges from relatively minor inconveniences to emergencies that require immediate attention. Here are ten of the most common maintenance problems that tenants and landlords will face:

  • Appliances Not Working
  • Broken Locks
  • Clogged Drains
  • Dripping Faucets
  • Garbage Disposals Not Working
  • HVAC Problems
  • No Hot Water
  • Pest Control Problems
  • Roof, Window & Sink Leaks
  • Continuously Running Toilets

Reduce Property Damage

The best way to cut down on maintenance requests and reduce property damage is to perform regular preventative maintenance on the building: HVAC checks, cleaning gutters, pre-treatment for pests, and installing drain screens.

Landlords should also educate tenants, especially those that are first-time homeowners, about the proper use of appliances. For example, don’t put chicken bones in the garbage disposal since that damages the blades or flushing large rocks down the toilet only clogs up the plumbing.

Clearly Defining Expectations

When it comes to paying for rental property repairs, clearly spell out what the landlord is responsible for and what the tenant is responsible for in the lease. Doing this can help you reduce the total number of requests you receive. These clear expectations also motivate the tenant to take good care of the rental unit to avoid paying out of pocket for repairs.

Why Partner With Us?

With Cobalt Creek Property Management, tenants can submit maintenance requests online through our Tenant Portal, offering 24/7 convenience. We partner with a network of tradespeople and repair professionals who get quality work done at unbeatable prices.

Between our staff and partners, tenants can rest assured that maintenance issues will be resolved quickly with quality repairs so they can return to their normal lives.

We also schedule regular property inspections to catch little problems before they grow into major headaches, saving landlords money. Finding and fixing small issues early also safeguards the property’s value as a safe and comfortable place where tenants want to live for years to come.

Say Goodbye To Maintenance Headaches

Landlords, do you want a Denver property management company to handle your maintenance requests? Contact us at Cobalt Creek Property Management today to start a conversation with one of our property management experts. We look forward to showing you how easy property investments in Colorado can be.

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