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Normal Wear & Tear Vs. Tenant Damage

Rental Property DamageWhat are normal wear and tear versus tenant damage? At Cobalt Creek Property Management in Denver, we’re here to help you determine where any damages are coming from. When a tenant moves out, how do you verify whether or not your property was maintained properly? This is our field of expertise, let us help. Most tenants are responsible, but unfortunately, some leave rental properties with damages.

What’s Normal Wear & Tear?

If the carpet becomes worn down in areas where people walk, such as a main walkway or hallway, that is considered normal wear and tear. The varnish on wood floors can naturally become scuffed as time goes on and some cabinet doors may warp and need replacing. These are things that happen over time and are not the responsibility of the tenant.

All items included in rental property have a life expectancy, and landlords or property managers can’t charge a tenant the full cost to replace an item unless it was brand new at the time it was damaged. Occasionally, a property will require repairs due to age and environmental factors. A few examples of damages related to normal wear and tear would include:

Tenant Damage or Wear & Tear

  • Carpet that is worn in higher traffic areas
  • Slightly dirty blinds or curtains
  • Scuffed wood floors from regular use
  • Doors sticking due to humidity
  • Worn varnish on plumbing fixtures
  • Broken dryer due to a malfunction with thermostat

What’s Tenant Damage?

Simply put, tenants are responsible for any damage due to negligence or abuse of the property (accidental or not) caused by a member of the household or guest of the tenant. If a renter returns the property with large holes in the walls or heavily damaged carpets stained with pet urine, they would be responsible for the cost of repairing those damages. A few other examples would include:

  • Broken Appliances
  • Broken, Chipped, Or Missing Tiles
  • Broken, Stained, Or Missing Blinds
  • Broken Window Glass & Hardware
  • Chipped, Burnt & Heavily Stained Countertops
  • Deeply Scratched Hardwood Floors
  • Excessive Wall Damage From Hanging Pictures
  • Missing Pieces Of Hardwood Floors
  • Paint Colors That Aren’t Allowed
  • Paint That’s Scribbled On
  • Pet Damage, Like Heavily Stained & Ripped Carpets
  • Ripped Window Screens
  • Stained, Ripped, Or Burnt Curtains & Carpet

Partner With Cobalt Creek Property Management

Our team has experience figuring out what rental property damages you and your tenants are responsible for, so we can fairly distribute the costs. We’re also familiar with what Colorado landlord-tenant laws require to keep everything legal and above board.

  • Arrange Repairs
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Property Inspections
  • Walkthroughs With Documentation

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One thing to consider when deciding on a property management company is the time we’ll be able to save you. We will perform move-in and move-out inspections so that you’ll never have to question whether or not tenant negligence resulted in damages to your property. Contact Cobalt Creek Property Management in Denver and take the stress out of owning a rental property.

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