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Leases And RenewalsAt Cobalt Creek Property Management, we can handle all aspects of your property leases and lease renewals in Denver and the surrounding metro. We understand the burden and stress that comes with attempting to juggle all the aspects of property management. These can be especially burdensome for homeowners who rent out several houses throughout the state. Let us deal with the lease drafting and renewal letters for you.

We’re Here To Make Owning & Renting Property Easy

When renting your home or multifamily property, it’s important to secure a professional agreement with your renter. Rental leases ensure tenants moving in won’t unexpectedly leave again within the first couple months. Just some of the benefits of leaving your property lease and renewals in the hands of Cobalt Creek Property Management include:

Let Us Help You Find & Keep Responsible Tenants

Until now, offering occupants the chance to lease or renew their lease has been decided by you, the property owner. As we know, however, some tenants may overstay their welcome or exhibit unwanted neighborly behaviors. We can help you reduce or avoid these types of situations with professional screening and complete lease and renewal handling.

We Do All The Paperwork & Keep All Receipts

Property Management can be as easy or hard as you choose. We can keep all your tenant correspondence, agreements, receipts, and more digitally on file so that when the time comes, tax preparations are easier to handle. When it’s time for your tenant to renew their yearly lease, we take care of the renewal application letter, so you don’t have to. Your copy will be available 24/7 in your convenient online owners portal.

Keep It Simple, Call Us

If you’re in or outside of the Denver area, call Cobalt Creek Property Management today to learn more about all of our different lease and renewal options. We look forward to showing you what makes us the best. Get your time back. Get your life back. Leave your Colorado rental property leases to us, the Denver property management experts.

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We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a property manager you can trust. We specialize in the latest technology, with unparalleled efficiency, and an extreme focus on quality communication.

We utilize every available resource to effectively manage your property rental and leasing needs.

Tired of renting or being a landlord? We're also a full-service Colorado real estate broker. We offer complete representation for both home buyers and sellers.

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