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Problem Tenants & The Process Of Eviction

Eviction NoticeAt Cobalt Creek Property Management in Denver, Colorado, we can make owning rental properties a breeze. No Landlord likes handling problem tenants or going through the process of eviction. Having professional property managers on your side can mean the difference between running your investment property business and letting it run you.

We’ve Seen It All Before

Every landlord will have to deal with problem tenants at one time or another. Let us help you relieve some of the most common landlord stresses. We have seen it all before and can help you salvage tenant relationships worth keeping and end those that aren’t.

A First Timers Secret Weapon

Knowing when to be firm and when it’s best to be flexible can be hard for first-timer landlords to judge. Even experienced landlords can get worn down from the stress, particularly when you’re trying to manage multiple properties on you’re own.

We want you to know that you don’t have to do this on you’re own.

Common Landlord Problems

Some tenant issues are more common in multifamily units than single-family homes. Regardless of the kind of property you own, however, there are certain problems you will eventually have to deal with.

  • Frequently Hosting Unexpected Guests
  • Late And Partial Rent Payments
  • Property Damage (By People & Pets)
  • Chronic Complaining
  • Parking Issues
  • Subletting
  • Criminal Activity
  • Noise Complaints

How Good People Become Problem Tenants

Sometimes people just fall on hard times. They aren’t making the money they used to, so rent payments start to come in late. In their desperation, renters may start subletting without checking to make sure it’s okay (or even legal in your area).

Reasonable people can also make not so reasonable decisions on a whim. Painting the walls lime green and adopting a parakeet in spite of your strict no-pets policy may seem like little things to them.

Being a bad tenant doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person. You do need to be firm for the sake of your business. However, being transparent, polite, and offering your tenants options when possible will go a long way to keeping good renters happy and in your rental units longer.

Services Designed To Meet Your Needs

At Cobalt Creek Property Management, we provide many services to make dealing with tenants easy and prevent problems before they arise.

We perform thorough tenant screening to keep the worst applicants off your property. We offer convenient online rent collection, making it easier for tenants to pay you on time.

We also specialize in professional tenant communication, including clear lease terms and property rules, timely rent increase notices, and late payment reminders.

Helping You Navigate An Eviction

When there are no other options left, our team can guide you through the tenant eviction process to safely and legally remove a problem tenant from your property. What more could you ask for?

Difficult Tenants? Call Your Easy Property Management Solution.

For professional help with problem tenants, contact us at Cobalt Creek Property Management today. Schedule time with one of our property management experts to find out more about how we can help you. Our staff will happily answer any questions you have.

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