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Normal Wear & Tear Vs. Damage On Your Rental

Rental Property DamageCobalt Creek Property Management in Denver, Colorado, offers landlords a range of house rental and apartment property management services, including fair assessments of normal wear and tear vs. damage on your rental. By law, landlords need to fix rental property wear and tear, but they aren’t required to repair tenant-caused damage.

Learning what to look for and how to tell the difference requires time and practice, but you can get accurate results on every inspection by leveraging our property managers’ expertise.

What’s Normal Wear & Tear?

As the name implies, normal wear and tear occur naturally over time as the home ages. You can think of this as the property becoming “lived-in” thanks to your tenants going about their daily routines.

  • Cabinet Hinges Worn Or Slightly Stuck
  • Cracks In The Walls From Settling
  • Dead Batteries In Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Dirty Tile Grout
  • Faded Paint, Curtains, & Hardwood Floors Due To Sunlight
  • Gently Worn Carpets
  • Lightly Scratched Countertops
  • Lightly Scratched Windows With Worn Or Loose Hardware
  • Loose Wallpaper
  • Minor Paint Scuffing From Daily Use
  • Pull Strings From Blinds Are Tangled, Knotted, Or Broken
  • Slow Draining Shower, Tub, Or Sink
  • Small Dent In Wall From Doorknob

Common Property Damages

What property managers call “actual” or “tenant-caused” damage is the result of negligence, carelessness, or abuse on the tenant’s part. Since these are unreasonable damages, it means that you can deduct money from the tenant’s deposit to cover the cost of repairs.

  • Broken Appliances
  • Broken, Chipped, Or Missing Tiles
  • Broken, Stained, Or Missing Blinds
  • Broken Window Glass & Hardware
  • Chipped, Burnt & Heavily Stained Countertops
  • Deeply Scratched Hardwood Floors
  • Excessive Wall Damage From Hanging Pictures
  • Missing Pieces Of Hardwood Floors
  • Paint Colors That Aren’t Allowed
  • Paint That’s Scribbled On
  • Pet Damage, Like Heavily Stained & Ripped Carpets
  • Ripped Window Screens
  • Stained, Ripped, Or Burnt Curtains & Carpet

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Our team has experience figuring out what rental property damages you and your tenants are responsible for, so we can fairly distribute the costs. We’re also familiar with what Colorado landlord-tenant laws require to keep everything legal and above board.

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